I have 2 bass guitars:

A German Warwick Corvette FNA.


A Japanese Fender Jaguar.


I also have a few pedals and some recording equipment:

A Boss ME-6B, a Boss DF-2, a Boss CS-3, a Boss LS-2 and a Jim Dunlop Bass Wah.


A Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface, a Shure SRH840 headphone, and a MacBook Pro.


Sometimes some very kind people allow me to play with them. In some cases, these very kind people also record music together with me. Below is a list of recorded music I played bass guitar on.

The Matsunagas

1 song (2013)

The Outones

1 song (2009)

Latitude Zero

9 songs (2009)


9 songs (2007)

Garden All

2 songs (2004)